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The Benefits of Working with Us

We know when running a small business you have to be a “Jack of all trades’.  You’re constantly being pulled in different directions, and there isn’t enough time in the day for everything.  This makes it very challenging to manage and grow your business. Research shows that there are three critical areas that determine the level growth in a small business:  finance, marketing and human resources. 

At Workwise, we can help you manage the most important component to success … your people.  Many small business owners spend approximately 40% of their precious time on non-revenue-generating tasks such as payroll, human resources management, compensations and benefits.  What is your HR functions really costing your company? If these non-core activities are bogging you down, it’s time to look for a better solution.

Our on-call HR support specialist are here when you need them.  We take the worry out of HR so that you can get back to the business of doing business.

Here are a few benefits working with us:

Save Money – Doing HR yourself or hiring an in-house person can cost big bucks. Our services are on-demand, you only pay for what you need. Plus, you have access to expert-level advisors, so you can make quick business decisions, saving you time and money.

Peace of Mind – Employment legislation and regulations for running a business are becoming more and more complex. One lawsuit can have a devastating effect on a small business. At any time, your business could be faced with legal action for sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, safety violations, etc. We take the headache out of staying up to date on current and emerging legislation.

Depth of Knowledge – We can provide an objective viewpoint in situations that can often become political when handled internally.  You receive a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience not possible with only one in-house dedicated person. 

Engaged Workforce – Conflicting teams and disengaged employees can drain productivity right out of your business and cause a revolving door syndrome. It’s costly to hire and train people only to watch them leave to soon. We’ve developed easy and cost effective methods to help keep your people happy and engaged.

Quality Recruitment – Finding top talent on a limited budget is an art and science. Our recruitment specialists combine technology and industry expertise to find you the right people, fast.