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The top 5 ways we can help:

  1. Minimize Risk with employment contracts for all employees, legislation and regulatory compliance for your specific industry.
  2. Save Time with proven best practices in accounting and HR to set the groundwork for growing your business.
  3. Gain Expertise by having access to specialized professionals without the cost of hiring a full-time person.
  4. Save Money by our fixed pricing, no more surprises. You’ll know precisely what our bookkeeping and HR prices are before we start a project.   
  5. Unlimited Support questions come up and you need answers right away. All our plans and packages come with unlimited support.

In the past, bookkeeping was usually done using desktop software that was loaded on an individual computer.  At Workwise, we specialize in QuickBooks Online (or QBO), which is 100% cloud- based.  This new era in bookkeeping means that software doesn’t need to be installed, no time-consuming upgrading or backing data up.  You can access your financial information anywhere, at any time using an internet connection by phone or computer.  The whole process is virtually paperless, you can scan and upload your expenses using your phone.  It couldn’t be easier.

The main benefits of cloud bookkeeping include: ​

  • Accessibility – available anywhere/anytime with an internet connection
  • Automation – increase efficiency by automating mundane tasks
  • Automatic Updates – always have the latest software
  • Cost Reductions – lower maintenance
  • Integration – buildable & customizable
  • Paperless – reduce storage
  • Up to Date Data – always have access to the most current data in real-time

QuickBooks Online is the first choice for Canadian small businesses.  At Workwise, we decided that we wanted to be experts in one system.  We spend all our training time in understanding QBO and how it can better serve our clients.  Yes, we’ve used most of the other small business accounting software, but our primary focus is on QBO.

No.  You’ll get more control of your finances by being able to access your books anywhere, at any time.  The financial status of your business will be available,  accurate and up to date.  So, you can make important decision about your business with confidence.

We provide bookkeeping, HR compliance and consulting services to small businesses in the Greater Toronto area and Ontario wide. We’ve worked with organizations in all types of industries, ranging from professional services, industrial and construction.  Our team of bookkeeping specialists are all Certified Bookkeeping Professionals able to work across Canada.  And, our HR team are all Certified Human Resources Leaders that specialize in Ontario employment legislation and regulations.

All our plans and packages are a flat fixed fee.  There are no hidden fees or surprises.  You know exactly what our monthly payment amount will be.  We have a range of pricing plans to fit your needs.  Check out our Pricing page for more details.

Generally, it usually takes under 10 business days to ensure that your business meets the minimum federal and provincial requirements.  The time frame depends on the status of your current HR practices and industry requirements.

The safety and security of our client files are our top priority.  All client data is stored on QuickBooks online cloud servers.  You never have to worry about backup or system updates; they are completed automatically.  Each user will receive a secure password protected log-in, firewalls and encryption technology. 

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